We always have our Spinoni welfare foremost in our mind when we are placing our puppies. We ask these questions of you BEFORE they are placed, to make sure that the correct puppy will be placed with the right family.  Please answer all questions and return to for consideration.  Please copy and paste this to our email address and fill in the blanks. 

Your name:                                                              Address:

Phone number: Home                                              ( best time to call you )

Mobile                                                                      E-mail                                                    


Family Data:

Marital status:              

Your age:            

Children :                    Ages:

- Do you live in:   Urban [   ]   Suburban [   ]   Rural [   ]    Own or rented apartment [   ],   house owned [   ], house rented [   ], other? Please Specify

- Who will be the primary care giver?

- Do you have a secured fenced yard   ?

- Where you planning to keep your puppy?       House         Yard                        Other

- Where will the puppy be kept during the night?

 - Where will the puppy be kept during the day?

- Is anyone home during the day?

- How many hours on the average will the puppy are left alone?

- Who will feed and exercise the puppy during the day?

- Are you interested in a puppy           Male              Female           No Preference

- Is it your first Spinone?      Previously owned dogs

- Are you committed to caring for this dog for its life time?

- Any animals living at your home now

- How long did your last pet live? What were the circumstances of it’s death?

- Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder? If so, what were the circumstances?

- Have you ever given a pet away? If so, what were the circumstances?

- Why are you interested in obtaining a Spinone?

- Why do you want to have a Spinone puppy?

- Are you interested in showing the dog in the conformation ring?

Pet/Companion                     Show                Breeding                 Hunting

Competitive Obedience            Therapy Dog               Other   

Briefly explain why you have chosen this time to bring a new dog into the family & how all family members feel about it

Do you have any special concerns about Spinoni?  Yes [  ] No [  ] If yes, explain:

How did you hear about us?

Are you willing to keep us informed of your puppy’s progress with regular updates and photos? Yes [   ] No [   ]


Signature                                                                              Date:


  We appreciate your time in helping us make the right decisions for the proper placement of our beloved Spinoni.



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